Meet our new Chefs - Cambusa

Meet Cambusa - our new chefs!

We are thrilled to introduce our new chefs, who are bringing an exciting and fresh menu to the table:

Our love for the sea, cooking, and social eating inspired us to create Cambusa, which in Italian means "galley", the kitchen aboard vessels, and by extension the act of storing food for long trips.

Cambusa offers a unique experience that brings the flavours of Italy to any special occasion, whether you're celebrating on dry land or venturing abroad.

We are proud and enthusiastic to start our journey with Takapuna Boating Club, committed to delighting you with delicious cuisine and crafting joyful social memories.

Cambusa, where the joy of sharing a meal brings people together."

Every Friday night Cambusa will be cooking up a storm with their new menus below,
as well as changing weekly Friday specials. Come down and join us!

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