Takapuna Boating Club celebrated 100 years since its formation in 2020. Read on for a brief look at how TBC as we know it came to be...

Takapuna Boating Club started as many good ideas often do- a group of men discussing boats.

To settle the arguments of whose was the best, it was determined to run a race. This race off Bayswater, won by Consort, garnered much enthusiasm and a second race was organised for a few weeks later, with a £2 prize up for grabs. Following the success of this second race, it was suggested a club be formed, and so in February 1914, the Bayswater Boating Club came to be.

The club initially prospered, with regular racing and club picnics taking place. However, the Great War understandably took its toll on membership and activities at the club, and in 1917 the club lapsed.

The interest to reform the club by members came a few years later. A meeting was called on 6th February 1920 and a motion “that a Boating Club, to be called Takapuna Boating Club, be formed” was carried unanimously. A boat harbour was set up at Bayswater (where the Marina now sits) and sailing occurred in Shoal Bay but no club rooms were yet established, with meetings held at member’s houses or club halls in the district. In the following years with membership growing and both sailing and social activities expanding, the need for a clubhouse grew evident. Funds were tight but enthusiasm was high, and with plenty of that kiwi DIY attitude an Irelands Tannery building was purchased from Panmure and relocated to the Bayswater site, finally completed in 1925. The clubhouse was very popular, and aside from yachting was used as a venue for dances, boxing, library, school events, ladies mornings and roller skating.

During these years, the club established itself as a hub for centreboard sailing, successfully started the Cornwall Cup contest, as well as being involved in forming the Z Class and Finn Class in New Zealand. However in 1969, due to the nature of the popular new dinghy classes such as the Finn and Flying Dutchman, racing was moved to the sailing waters off Takapuna Beach. This provided a greater sailing area unrestricted by the tide. It wasn’t until 1990 when clubrooms were set up in Takapuna, thanks again to the mucking in from its members to set up a site on Hurstmere Road.

In 2002, the Takapuna Boating Club clubhouse as we now know it was set up on The Strand, Takapuna Beach. The new facility included social areas, boat and equipment storage, and office space.

Today, Takapuna Boating Club has a broad membership including dinghy, kite and windsurfing sailors, surfski, SUP and Waka ama paddlers, triathlon and ocean swimming members as well as social members. The club runs regular sailing and paddling activities, including national championship competitions and provides members with great facilities on a prime beachfront location.

TBC has developed a reputation as a world class regatta venue, having hosted multiple successful class world championships regattas over the years  including the International 14 Class (2005), Laser Radial & RSX (2008), Splash (2010), Junior 470 (2012), A Class Catamaran (2014) Finn (2015) and Tornado (2008, 2019) classes.