Message to members from the TBC Board 

Dear members, 

We hope that you have been well during this period of isolation. We certainly miss seeing you all around the club, however we recognise the importance of staying home and doing our part to help NZ get through this time. We will all no doubt value the ability to go out, exercise and socialise even more once the threat has passed and we are able to resume life as normal. 

During the closure, our team is continuing to work on initiatives to build the club towards our vision of becoming New Zealand’s premier watersports hub, and an even better social venue for our members.

However, as with a number of organisations and businesses, our inability to operate our bar and run venue hire during the lockdown presents a temporary challenge to the club. Whilst this is fortunately not an existential threat at this stage, we would value our community’s support to ensure a degree of security and breathing room. We are therefore proposing three ways in which our members can help by contributing to the club’s cashflow (whilst also receiving something in return!). 


Option 1 - early payment of membership subs 

Membership renewals are normally sent out in July. We would greatly appreciate those of you who are able making payment at your convenience. Memberships paid before 15 May 2020 will receive a voucher for a free dinner and beverage at the club.


Option 2 - multi-year membership 

Any members who are willing to renew memberships for multiple years may do so. In return, we are making a ONE time offer of 10% compounding discount up to a four-year membership.

A senior multi-year membership is:

2-year membership    10% - $551 saving $53* 

3-year membership    20% - $717 saving $159

4-year membership    30 % -$890 saving $318 

Discounts also apply to Family and Social memberships.

Storage fees will be invoiced separately annually.


Option 3 – Club Voucher purchase.

Members may purchase club vouchers (redeemable for food/beverages/entry fees etc.) now which may be redeemed at any time once the club begins operation again. Vouchers are available at a 10% discount as follows: 

•    $100 voucher for $90 if purchased by 15 May.

These can be purchased in multiples. 


In addition to these three offers, we would also love to encourage social members to upgrade to senior or family memberships. This allows access to our changing rooms and downstairs facilities, and will continue to grow in value as we work on offering more activities and opportunities for our community of members.

Finally, we ask our Life Members, Members for Life and friends that use the club on a regular basis, to consider paying the equivalent of a membership, which would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to take up one of these offers, please email and we will get that sorted for you. 

Thank you very much for your support in advance. We wish you and your bubbles the very best and look forward to seeing you all very soon. 

Kind regards, stay safe, 

Andrew, James, Ralph, Barry, Mark, Tom, Dave and Teneale

Your Board - Takapuna Boating Club


*Calculations of discount are based on the club’s portion of subscriptions after taking into account affiliation fees.