COVID 19 update- Takapuna Boating Club

As you are aware, the COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly-evolving situation. Takapuna Boating Club is taking this very seriously and the wellbeing of our members and our staff is our highest priority.

Like any club, we have members who are in the risk group (older, pre-existing medical conditions, immunocompromised), so please be considerate, take all precautions and follow our guidelines below to protect yourself and others.

As it stands

Takapuna Boating Club is remaining open at this time for our members and their guests to access our services and continue to enjoy the club.

The Government has directed that all events where more than 500 people will be together in one location must be cancelled, so TBC will not be holding any events or functions of this size.
The sailing, paddling and social events currently in the calendar will go ahead as planned at this stage.

We will be following government directives regarding public gatherings, which may mean events get cancelled or club operations cease if the situation changes. We will be providing regular updates to ensure our members are aware of the operational status of the club and events.

In the meantime,  the following protocols have been put in place to protect our members from Covid 19:

·      Staff, members and visitors advised to not come to work if they are feeling unwell, display flu-like symptoms, have recently returned from travelling overseas (and not completed 14 days self-isolation), been in contact with anyone who has been in a hotspot zone or have visitors/family in their household who have recently returned from overseas.

·      Staff are to complete regular additional cleaning of the club, in particular sanitising tables, chairs, benches, work surfaces, hand rails, door handles etc.

·      Staff and members briefed on practicing good hygiene habits and provided with the tools to ensure good hygiene.

·      We will be asking all members to sign in whenever they come to the club to ensure a full record of all members who attend the club each day.

·      We ask members to pay at the club using cards (ideally payWave) rather than with cash.

Protect yourselves and others in our community

Please do not come to the club if you:

·      feel unwell or display flu-like symptoms,

·      have recently returned from travelling overseas (and not completed 14 days self-isolation),

·      been in contact with anyone who has been in a hotspot zone or have visitors/family in their household who have recently returned from overseas.

If you have any concerns, then please take a conservative approach. There is no need to take risks or put anyone in your immediate vicinity at risk.


The best defence is to practice good hygiene, particularly washing hands with soap and water. Other measures are:

  • covering coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or coughing/sneezing into your elbow, rather than your hands.
  • disposing of used tissues appropriately in a bin
  • washing hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and drying them thoroughly, or using hand sanitiser before eating/handling food, after using the toilet, after coughing, sneezing or blowing nose, after touching public surfaces
  • practice social distancing and try to keep 1m away from people who are unwell
  • limiting alcohol (as this may affect your ability to adequately follow the advice above).
  • Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes.

If you do become unwell, please stay home and seek medical advice. If you had recently visited the club prior to displaying symptoms, please advise TBC at the soonest possible opportunity, so we inform anyone who may have been in contact to prevent further spread of the virus.

Remember, even if you feel well you may still be carrying the virus. If you may have been exposed, please follow all Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure we protect the more vulnerable members of our community.


For our members who require support

Takapuna Boating Club is a community. We all care about each other and want to ensure all our valued members feel supported and safe during this uncertain period.

We have members who have put themselves forward to offer a helping hand to our members who may need it.

If you are feeling vulnerable or at risk and would like some assistance from the club by way of meal preparation/delivery or delivery of groceries, or any other help that may be provided, please contact us on (09) 489 6941 or email


If you would like to support this initiative and are willing and able to help out, please contact Danika on 0212026154 or If you have skills or expertise that could be utilised to support club members, please also let us know.
Stay safe, take precautions and ask for help if you need it.
From the Takapuna Boating Club Board