Club Equipment

Takapuna Boating Club owns a range of watersports equipment that is available for use by active members at no cost. This is coordinated using an online booking system.

What we have:

RS Quest Sailing Dinghy

The club has 3x RS Quests, a rotomoulded plastic training boat is perfect for a 2-4 adults or parents and kids. They are durable and stable.

Laser sailing dinghies

The club has 4 laser dinghies including:

  • 3x laser rigs
  • 2x radial rigs
  • 1x laser 4.7 rig

The Laser is a single-handed racing dinghy great for adults and youth whatever your size, as interchangeable rigs means you can sail with smaller or larger sails to suit.

Far East 11 Sailing dinghies

There are 6x Far East 11 sailing dinghies. These light-weight boats are easy to rig, and suitable for young adults upwards.

Please note: Members need to be competent sailors to take out sailing boats - approval of sailing skills by Takapuna Boating Club is required and can be arranged when you first book a boat.

Stand Up Paddleboards

There are 2x green SUPs and paddles stored in the racking at the back of the storage basement.


The club owns 12x Nelo 510 beginner level surfskis, which are stored on outside racks. These are beginner level surfskis, but still less stable than your average kayak, so some skill may be required.
Please note: booking is not required to use these surfskis.

1x  surfski- an orange, rotomoulded-plastic boat stored at the far-end of the surfski racking in the basement. This is an beginner/intermediate level ski (in terms of stability) so some paddling skills may be required to paddle this ski effectively.

Booking the equipment

Club-owned equipment is only available to active members.

Equipment must be booked using the online booking system prior to use.

All active members should have received via email a link to the online booking system to set up a personal profile.

If not, email to request access.

When making a booking, members must agree to the terms and conditions of use below.

Terms & Conditions of use

1.  I acknowledge that I use club equipment at my own risk and do hereby release and hold harmless the Takapuna Boating Club Inc., as well as their officers, members and employees, both jointly and severally, from any liability or loss, injury or damage to any persons and property that might arise from my use of equipment, even if the loss, injury or damage be caused by or as a result of negligence of those so released held harmless.

2. I will be of sufficient skills and ability to safely use the equipment given the weather and marine conditions on the day of booking. If the conditions are beyond my ability and skill level, I will not use the equipment.

3. I confirm I am capable of swimming 50m wearing a personal flotation device (PFD).

4. I will wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)* at all time while on the water using the equipment. I will ideally also use other safety equipment where appropriate, such as a leg leash, and carry at least one form of  waterproof communication.

5. I will tell someone where I am going and what time I expect to be back, when using the club equipment.

6. If equipment is damaged or broken while I am using it, I will inform Takapuna Boating Club at the soonest possible opportunity and will be responsible for the cost of repairs if the damage was my fault (beyond the usual wear and tear of equipment.)