Yoga classes starting at Takapuna Boating Club

We are excited  to be teaming up with MYC Yoga to offer regular yoga classes at Takapuna Boating Club starting on 11th March, with a special rate for TBC members.

Director of Manipura Yoga Centre, Swami Yogamani Saraswati has been involved with the ancient art and science of Yoga and Meditation for over 39 years, and will be offering 3 weekly classes in the club, overlooking Takapuna Beach.

She teaches appropriately to suit the audience, safe, practical, yet achievable blend of practices that rebalance, not only the body but the complete personality, body, heart, mind.

Sessions include practises that  help manage anxiety, sleep, relaxation, anxiety, fatigue, depression, fitness, weight loss, strength, flexibility and pain. Her local Yoga Therapy studio is friendly and non competitive as are all of her classes. She is highly trained and extremely experienced. Every session is unique according to the Tattwa's (Elemental influence) and the participants specific Ayurvedic body types and wishes.

  • All welcome, suitable for everyBODY.
  • A delicious blend of classical yoga practices.
  • Stretch out your cares and worries, your aches and pains,  free the stiffness and come back to a strong, toned, balanced more peaceful you.
  • Safe, practical, achievable, scientific  and systematic tools for transformation. 

Session times: Wednesday 9.15-10.15am
                         Thursday 6.30-7.30am
                         Saturday 8-9am

Location: Takapuna Boating Club, 39 The Strand, Takapuna

DROP-IN Fee: $20, unwaged $12, under 16 years FREE.

Takapuna Boat Club Members Rate-  casual drop-in fee is $15 per class. Concession cards are also available for TBC members - 5x pass $70 and a 10x $140. Valid for 3 months for TBC members only for classes at the Takapuna Boat Club venue.