Prada Cup- LIVE at Takapuna Boating Club

Takapuna Boating Club will be showing live on multiple screens every race of the Prada Cup, which runs from Friday 15th January -  22nd February.

The Prada Cup determines which challenger team will race against the Emirates Team New Zealand for the America's Cup.
There is no better place to watch it than at the Takapuna Boating Club, where the action will be live on big screens and potentially viewable from our decks!

Racing is from 3pm-5pm, except for the finals which are 4pm-6pm.

Takapuna Boating Club Opening hours: from 2pm on the days of racing.


All you need to know about the Prada Cup...

The Prada Cup will see the three Challengers competing to qualify to race against the America’s Cup Defender Emirates Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup in March.

Therefore, to win the America's Cup, first you must win the Prada Cup.


The Prada Cup is made up of 4 Round Robins, a semi-final series and a final series.

In the Round Robins, all three challengers race each other 4 times. The winner of the round robin series (team with the most points) will go directly to the Prada Cup Final.

The remaining two teams compete in a best of seven wins, head-to-head, Semi-Final, for the last spot in the final.

The PRADA Cup Final is a best of thirteen race series where the first team to reach seven wins will win the exquisite PRADA Cup trophy and be awarded the rights to be the Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup to race the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand.




Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team- The Challenger of Record

Nation: Italy
Helmsman: James Spithill/ Francesco Bruni
Position in ACWS event in December: 3rd

Luna Rossa declared it's challenge to ETNZ in 2017 and became the Challenger of Record for 2021. They looked formidable during the ACWS event in December, particularly in the lighter conditions, with good control and manoeuvrability of their 75-foot monohull. With a boat designed to specialise in light-air conditions, they will be hoping the sea breeze stays away.


American Magic

Nation: USA, New York Yacht Club
Helmsman: Dean Barker
Boat: Patriot
Position in ACWS event in December: 2nd

American Magic put themselves forward as the top challenger at the AWCS in December, being the only team take a race win off Emirates Team New Zealand. They showed they had the boat speed but were a bit inconsistent in their manoeuvres, however with more racing and time on the water, expect these errors to disappear. The ones to watch! 



Ineos Team UK

Nation: United Kingdom
Helmsman: Sir Ben Ainslie
Boat: Brittania aka "RITA"
Position in ACWS event in December: 4th

Unable to secure a win, there was no question INEOS Team UK were a notch behind the other teams in the ACWS races, both in speed and control, particularly in the light air. However, they are led by the most successful Olympic sailor of all time, Sir Ben Ainslie, and will have spent their Christmas break doing everything they can to make up this deficit and become a contender. The question remains if there was enough time...