Art Exhibition - Wednesday 17th May

17 May

Come to our members bar on Wednesday 17th May, enjoy a drink and something to eat and have a look around the art that Philip Blease and Sarah-Jane Smith will be displaying.

About Philip Blease

Phil is an exciting Fine artist based here in Takapuna. The immediate surroundings of the beautiful shoreline provide a constant source of inspiration and subject matter.

Phil’s love of bold vibrant colours is evident in his paintings, creating an evocative collection set to resonate with his audience.

Originally from the UK, Phil studied Fine Art in England and a further 2 years in Spain.

After years of developing his skills with all types of mediums, Phil primarily uses oil paints. He enjoys the versatility, the textures and the vividness that oils produce.

Phil also featured on Sky Arts “Landscape Artist of the year” UK, 2023.

Phil is a versatile talent, boasting a stunning portfolio of vibrant landscapes, seascapes and figurative fine art!

Support a local artist, enjoy Phil’s work in the flesh and even have the opportunity to become a collector!

About Sarah-Jane Smith

Having grown up in the Central North Island, and Central Otago, mountains and open space are a familiar view and inspire me in my painting.  When on my travels, I get that small speck on the landscape feel or an 'in awe' feeling that captures my need to paint that particular scene. The landscape engenders a 'protective feel’ that is almost holding me to that spot.

I paint in watercolour as this was the first medium I was taught to paint in. The artist Jilda Gordon, nee Pilkington, was my first art teacher and taught me 'purest' techniques in watercolour. Over the lockdown, I have developed my painting and drawing techniques by attending a year long masterclass by Ed Salazar. The classes were based on the Bargue School of Classical Drawing and Painting.  These classes helped me to hone my skills in drawing and colour mixing and awareness. I use all mediums enjoying the lightness and subtlety of watercolour, directness of acrylic and the manipulation oil allows with time.

In the last 3 months, I have started to paint more of the harbour and the fabulous boats. I use reference material but heighten the water movement and the colours of the sails on the boats. I particularly like the P class boats as they have a cluster action feel to them. I use watercolour and ink in my paintings as I feel this is my strength. One of the people on Waiheke Island who saw my artwork wrote an apt description of my P-class painting with Rangi in the background –